How To Get A Writing Job For A Magazine: Practical Tips

For many freelancers, working with a magazine is a beautiful dream. This kind of job has many satisfactions and you don’t have to make big efforts. However, it is very difficult to obtain it; there are amazing writers who never have the chance to do so. If you are a freelancer and you decided that you want to write for a magazine you need to have a lot of patience. Apply these tips to have the chance to get hired:

  • Create an awesome portfolio. Without this, there is no chance to get such a job. Your portfolio does not have to be long, it just has to be interesting. Put there only smart and funny articles; no one wants to read about a boring historical fact. Also, be sure that you have no grammar or punctuation mistakes; this is something that will not be tolerated by any editor.
  • Gather a few readers. Before you even apply for this job, you have to get your name out there. You have to convince a few people that your texts are worth reading, and the best way to do this is to start your own blog. If you are truly talented, the readers will appear in only a few days and when you are popular, you can apply for the math writing jobs.
  • Leave comments. You probably visit a lot of online magazines, but you never thought about leaving comments. Well, you have to know that this is a great way of getting hired. Try to comment as much as possible, but in smart way. Express your opinion, interact with people or tell the author of the article what he missed. Who knows, maybe someone will notice and contact you.
  • Send as many e-mails as possible. There are only a few jobs available, and thousands of freelancers who want to get hired. If you send only one e-mail you can not be sure that it will be noticed by the editor among others. Try to send your resume every few weeks, and improve it each time.
  • Attach a picture! Yes, this will actually matter. The audience wants to associate the content with a face, so you need to look friendly and trustworthy. Send a picture with you smiling, in a comfortable outfit. If you want, you can even take a picture with your pet!

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