Becoming a freelance writer

An exciting new world is opening up for aspiring writers who are passionate about putting words onto paper. Like with so many industries, writing too is now moving away from a manufactured, printed arena and becoming more prevalent in the ever-growing virtual factory known as the internet. There’s a high demand for writers from all over the globe who know their words well enough to impress demanding companies. So what types of positions are available to freelance writers and how can one enter this vibrant industry?

Web content

You’d be hard pressed to find a company that doesn’t have some form of online presence nowadays. Small traditional companies have now accepted that if they don’t have a website, the world (and Google) won’t know they exist. For this reason, there’s a huge demand for website content writers who can lure in clients with compelling content aimed at attracting business and search engine optimization. How to enter this industry: To thrive in Web content writing one must study a course on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and also a course on how to construct website page content like ‘About Us’ and ‘Home’ pages. An IT background is an advantage to this.

Articles and Blogs

Any online company that’s remotely web conscious knows that constant blogging is a must to remain connected with its audience. Think of all the perpetual work this creates for writers! A lot of companies post a new blog up every day, and they need someone who can write interesting, informative material that will grip readers’ attention. How to enter this industry: There are two aspects to blog and article writing; first, you should have a good command of the English language; second, you must be able to research and have the type of mind that’s inquisitive and wants to learn new things. Ideal blog writers are information fanatics.


There are two possibilities to Ebook writing. One involves the re-writing of printed books into an electronic format. The other is writing informational books from scratch. There’s more of this needed than you think. Ebooks sell for less than printed books because they cost almost nothing to produce, making this a busy market. How to enter this industry: Take courses in both creative and online writing. You may be called on to write something simple like a diet book of 20 pages, or something more elaborate like a fictional novel.

Just write

True, passionate writers write for more than just the money. You must love what you do to be truly good at it. If this is your niche, then just start writing. If you’re any good, you’ll get noticed eventually.

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