Where To Search For Good Jobs For Academic Freelance Writers

Whether you are soon graduating or you want to earn a few extra dollars during your studies, doing academic freelance writing have a number of benefits that you should consider. First, you would gain the exposure outside of your course. Second, it would help building up your reputation and network for your future. Third, freelance jobs have a degree of flexibility and you can decide your own schedule. Here are some places where you would be able to find a decent job in academic freelance writing.

  • Online
  • The ease and quickness of internet in modern days can aid you in securing jobs overseas. There are a number of online platforms that you would be able to work as an academic freelance writer. Simply present yourself in a professional manner and prepare the documents needed to verify your qualifications.

  • Connection
  • In a networked society, it is not only about who you know, but it is about who knows you. Blowing your own trumpet to tell somebody else that you are good at a specific area will help you secure a good job.

  • Transnational institutions
  • A number of transnational institutions would require significant research to be done on their behalf. It will be a very competitive process but it will also give you an unmatched level of exposure. You can also try writing papers for money.

  • Work shadowing your mentor
  • If you mentor or lecturers are currently doing their own pieces of research, you can always ask them whether you can work as a freelancer under them. This would help building up your profile while providing you with a great reference in the future.

  • NGOs
  • Non-governmental organisations are an increasingly popular trend. If you have a topic you feel strongly about on. You can always send these organisations and state your intention for supporting their efforts through providing quality academic research. However, some of these organisations may have a low budget for such research and you will have to do your own evaluation of the job matching.

  • Government bodies
  • Government bodies would always require rigorous research to support policy-making. It is possible that they would hire you to help investigate some of the less urgent, but equally important subjects. Make sure what your clients want and it would definitely help you in securing jobs in the future.

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