Suggestions For Freelance Ghostwriters

Quality freelance ghost writers are on demand in different writing categories with excellent returns. For passionate writers, it is a convenient and fun way to earn a living. With no credit for your work, there must be a sure way to get value for it. This means getting a good amount for every word that you pen down.

What should I do to ensure that I get good returns as a freelance ghost writer?

  1. Know Your Area
  2. People are paying handsomely for expertise. With different writing areas, identify your specialty and become the best. This enables you to be factual, understand presentation as well as formatting for the category. It reduces the back and forth exchanges with the client over corrections and misunderstood instructions. Read widely and let the client know that you understand your trade. This confidence will ensure that you get more work in future. Part of knowing your area is having an idea of the charges. If the category is on demand, your charges for the work will increase.

  3. Produce quality work
  4. Writing is a specialty with rules and formatting or presentation guidelines. Display your understanding of these rules by implementing them on each sentence. Clients desire a relationship where they issue instructions once and receive complete work. Quality work also means meeting deadlines most if not all the times. Delays and extensions erode the confidence clients have in your work.

  5. Offer more services
  6. Alongside writing, clients will require formatting, proofreading, uploading, etc. In case you do not have the expertise in any related area, create a network with other professionals. They will push freelance writing clients to you while you refer editing work to them. This mutual relationship ensures that you have work all the time.

  7. Take charge of the work
  8. The fact that your client will take the credit is not a reason to produce shoddy work. A freelance ghost writer takes the position of the author during writing. You should be the best voice possible for your client. Some of the experiences shared especially in biographies and memoires are personal. Enter into character and give the account as if you were the narrator.

  9. Get all details about the contract
  10. A freelance ghost writer must get paid. Do not work on a verbal contract. Do not even work on the promise that you will be paid for future work or be recommended to an editor or publisher. Let the client pay for every word written. The contract should include the amount to be paid, means of payment, how the work will be delivered, state during delivery and deadlines. This guarantees pay once you have completed the work.

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