How To Get Into Freelance Writing: General Guidelines For Dummies

If you are interested in becoming a freelance writer, no matter your age or level of experience, there is something to be found out there for everyone. You can work your way up from whatever level you are currently and slowly but surely build up your skills and client base so that you can start working as a freelance writer full time if you so choose. Some websites will let you bid on jobs. Bear in mind that some jobs will let you bid on a particular assignment and then their administration will choose whether or not it is assigned to you. But if it is assigned to you and you do not complete the deadline you will be fined.

  • If you want to limit yourself to a highly specialized niche you may be better off working with one of the specialized networks. If you want to leave yourself open for advancement in all areas, you might want to pick one that specializes two broad categories.

  • All of the sites that do charge a basic membership fee should offer a free plan that is rudimentary but effective for those were just starting out.

  • If you're starting out as a beginner you might not want to pick some of the most advanced networks because getting your first job and significant, steady work will prove very difficult. Some of the beginner networks are designed specifically to help new writers who already have writing experience but do not have an Internet presence to build up a portfolio.

  • Set aside a few hours on one day to focus solely on submitting applications, uploading samples, and applying to different freelance networks. Once you receive your acceptance, or do not receive your acceptance, you can remove the ones that did not approve your application and go through the one to do to find out which one you really want to work for.

  • Let potential clients know what you bring to the table. You want to be sure that when they look at your site they can see what you have to offer. They can see where you went to school, or what your degree was in. If you don't have that information you can post what your skills are. Some websites let you take a test so that you can prove that you are among the top 1% in a particular skill set.

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