Searching For Simple Freelance Writing Jobs: Suggestions For Starters

Writing is just not the same as it was 20 years ago or even 50 years ago. There have been papers that older fellows have worked at that have suffered under the weight of the newly found internet. Funds run low as people get their news from the internet instead of a papers that you can hold in your hands and turn the page to page, slowly as you enjoy your coffee, by slowly sipping it. People are becoming technologically advanced and, furthermore, workaholics do not have time to sit at the table and read a paper. “Why not just look up the issue you are interested in on your phone or computer, rather than flip through pages of items that you could care less about,” wonder a lot of people. Besides, it is time-consuming. Furthermore, people are not as concerned about the everyday issues but are more interested in individual issues.

Exhibit A- the computer. Exhibit B- the phone. These items are making it hard for writers to stay afloat in newspapers. Especially papers that cater to specific individuals. There was a time that every lawn had a newspaper tossed upon it on the fresh dewy grass early in the morning, and people would walk in their bathrobe down to the street and pick it up. That is changing as the world becomes more and more technical. Papers are having to resort to websites where they post information and ads to gain a little profit. One paper was struggling tooth and nail to stay afloat. They got suggestions on how to survive in the digital age, and they actually did, but it was not easy. Adjusting to the era has left many papers with empty pockets and frightened faces as they wonder where their career is going. The English major is being associated with different fields of work and those that really want to enjoy the English writing are becoming professors. Even papers like Time Magazine are strained, and only a few papers are left on relatively good terms. On top of that, it is becoming dangerous to be a freelance journalist as the world beheads them and takes them hostage. This was not the world we lived in 50 years ago. What has happened? Therefore, be attentive to the suggestions made.

  • News Papers- It is important to send out a good resume to a newspaper. You should first start by searching for local jobs. Search for presses in your area and call them. Ask for the head Editor or human resources. They will be able to tell you of any job openings or if they are hiring. Chances are they will say no, but do not let that stop you. Ask for an email address of the head editor and email them your best work. It could not hurt anything, and you may win you a job? Anything is possible.

  • Online Jobs- If you just want to make pure money pick online jobs and work at a lowered value of money. You eventually, work your way up to higher pay. Search for jobs that pay online and any website that pays from other people. That is a good start, but there are some facts you need to know. An average person makes 1 dollar every 400-500 words. Make your profile as glittering as possible. Next, learn by the process of trial-and-error and gain reputation. Through this process, you will eventually grow more powerful and able to choose higher wages.

  • Online Searching for High Paying Jobs- If you want to search for available high paying jobs online, then that works too. I would suggest the searching for online “writing jobs.” These websites are full of jobs that other people hire enabling you to work at home and still make decent wages.

These are the best choices for a job. It may be hard, and especially without a degree but you will eventually find your niche. What is the key? Nonstop hunting and looking. Do not give up! That would be placed in upper case if it were not believed that the process of shouting to communicate, a message is inappropriate. Point- do not give up!

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