5 Major Advantages Of Being A Freelance Content Writer

If you want to start a freelancing career, you must be aware of the difficulties that you can face. The beginning is always rough, even for the most talented writers. It is not about how well you write, but about the way you manage your new job. When you work for a company, there are people who take care of every element of your activity. As a freelancer, you will control and administrate the funds, manage your time, take care of the legal part and establish communication with clients. On top of all of this you also have to work. Even so, there are many advantages that make thousands of people quit their jobs and start freelancing.

  1. You can manage your time however you want. If you want to work only at night or to take a vacation in the middle of the week, you can do it. There is no boss to tell you how much you have to work and to wake up in the early morning is not a necessity anymore. Not many people have the luxury of traveling whenever they want.
  2. You can control your funds. In this niche the rules are pretty simple: the more you work, the more you gain. If you want to write for 16 hours every day and have a good income, nobody will stop you. Also, if you need only a few extra dollars for the weekend, you can work only one hour in the evening. It is entirely up to you.
  3. You can choose your work. You have complete freedom to pick only the projects that are suitable for you. A company will not allow you to refuse orders from clients even if they are against your principals or skills.
  4. You don’t pay taxes. In many countries, freelancing is still not considered a real job, and you are paid directly by your client, without paying any fees to the government. It can make a real difference in your income because the taxes are higher than you think.
  5. You can work from home. A pyjama and your bed can replace an office and a suit. Since you are not working with other people directly, you don’t have to leave your home and go to the office. This is one of the reasons why this job is suitable for people who live away from the city.

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