Is Freelance Writing Worth It: A Piece Of Advice From Experts

Do you want to make money by sitting at home? Do you think people can actually earn a living by not going to a work place and operating on their laptops at home? Do you think you have the temperament or consistency to stay at home and work for different employers? Do you think you will be better off without your current boss or colleagues because they are annoying? Are you envied of your friends who may not be better writers than you but they make enough money with writing on the web? Are you afraid of freelance writing because there maybe risks involved that you do not know yet? Are you worried because this is an entire new career type and you cannot adjust to it? Do you think you are putting your time and efforts at risk by joining the freelance world?

To answer your concerns, let us first understand what freelance writing is

A freelancer is someone who works on his own and does not have a regular boss or employer. He or she is self-employed and chooses to work according to his own preferences, schedules and likings. As a writer, you can pick those jobs that match your skills and only work on the ones that are paid well enough. People worry to leave their regular jobs and join this kind of work because they do not know whether the industry will experience a downfall or not or if they would be able to save or not

Well let me tell you one thing, when I started as a freelance writer, I had the same concerns. I was working on low paid jobs in the beginning and I never thought I would make enough money to cover my bills. However, I committed to myself that I would stay consistent. Today, I am earning enough to pay all my bills as well as support my family and spouse. I work for a long-term client on monthly based and weekly-based tasks and even write something for my passive income when I have enough time. This has been the most rewarding experience of my life because I preferred to stay consistent and stick to the career.

If you are a believer you would know that you would earn whatever is in your fate, all you have to do is make the necessary efforts to justify that for yourself.

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