A Manual For The Freelance Writer: 10 Useful Tips To Follow

Freelance writing is becoming more popular as a profession that allows writers to work hours they wish, at locations they desire, without having to take on as much or as little work as they deem fit. Here is a short manual with 10 useful tips for freelance writers:

  1. Create a Professional Profile
  2. The first step to a freelancing career is creating a professional profile. List your qualifications, your experience, your contact information and the kind of work you are looking to do.

  3. Create a Freelance Portfolio
  4. Next, upload a portfolio of the work you think best shows off your skills. Be sure you pick out pieces that cater towards the work you want to do. You wouldn’t want to show off fiction when you want to get into technical writing.

  5. Advertise on Several Sites
  6. There are several places where you will be able to advertise. Think of social media sites or professional networking sites. Any opportunity is a good opportunity.

  7. Market Your Services Everywhere
  8. Even if space is limited be sure to market your services at every opportunity. Don’t hesitate when it comes to whether you will have enough reach. Even one or two sentences about yourself can reach hundreds of potential clients.

  9. Update Your Profile and Portfolio
  10. After you’ve created a profile and a portfolio it’s important that you keep it updated with current information. Be sure to replace old examples with recent ones and fill your profile with new services or rates as appropriate.

  11. Communicate Frequently
  12. It’s very important you communicate with your clients as frequently as possible. Whether you are providing an update or even simply asking questions, it’s good to keep them in the loop to keep things in good terms.

  13. Meet Your Deadlines
  14. Sometimes the unexpected can happen, but it’s important that you get caught up with your work so that you regularly meet your deadlines in order to keep your reputation positive.

  15. Ask for Reviews and Recommendations
  16. Client reviews and recommendations from people you have provided work for is an absolute must for the freelance writer. Potential clients will always give priority to writers who can provide evidence that their work is appreciated.

  17. Seek Out Bid Opportunities
  18. It’s not enough to simply sit back and wait as job offers arrive. A freelancer should always be proactive when seeking out writing jobs. Make it a regular habit to send out at least a minimum of 10 bids per day in order to maintain success.

  19. Keep in Contact with Past Clients
  20. Don’t forget to send thank you letters after a project is complete. Keeping in touch with past clients can open up the doors for even more work in the future.

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