Guidelines For Freelance Writers: How To Advance Your Career

Make sure that you have a portfolio and that it is up to date

In order to maximise your chances of winning freelance writing jobs, is a good idea to have a portfolio of your work. Ideally, your portfolio will be made up of your best quality samples, as well as containing a wide range of different work, based on various different subjects.

When you first start out, the portfolio may be relatively small, as you might not have all that many writing samples. However, once you’re career progresses, you will be able to include more samples, as well as ensure that there is more variety, which will be useful as it will enable you to apply for a wider range of different jobs.

As you progress with your career, you are likely to improve your writing skills, as well as obviously writing on a larger variety of different topics. As a result, it is a good idea that you always keep your portfolio as up-to-date as possible, so as to display your best work.

Start a blog or website and regularly populate it with content

Another great way of demonstrating to clients of your ability to do the work properly it is by starting your own blog or website. Essentially, it can be about anything that you want, although it would be a good idea to base it on any particular niche that you may specialise in. One thing to bear in mind is that you should keep it regularly updated with good quality content.

Look for writing gigs with private clients

Many writers start off using content mills to find their first jobs. Whilst some writers may continue to use this approach for the majority of their career, others will quickly look to branch out and find private clients of their own, away from such websites. Despite the difficulties associated with finding a private clients, it can be a good idea as the pay can be considerably better.

Tailoring job proposals to meet your clients’ needs

Many freelance writers forget to address the needs of the client when writing job proposals. Instead, too many writers simply tried to say how good they are, which does little to inspire confidence in the client. Essentially, the client wants to see that you are able to do the job for them. Therefore, you should tailor each job proposal based on the needs of the client, as well as being certain that you demonstrate that you know what is required of that particular job.

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