Where To Find Grant Writing Opportunities: Tips For Freelance Writers

Becoming a freelance writer can be a great opportunity to escape the mundane world of the daily 9-5 trudge through work. It enables people to work to their own timetable and do their own things. However, it can be more difficult if you have a specific set of skills or expectations regarding the sort of jobs you would like to complete. If you would rather engage in grant writing than, for instance, ghost writing or preparing academic essays, then there can seem to be fewer opportunities out there. There are, though, some brilliant places to find great opportunities.

  • Freelance sites

  • There are so many freelance sites and so many options on them that it can be almost impossible not to find any grant writing opportunities. Sometimes there is even the possibility of refining your search only to find the results most relevant to you. It is worth trying as many freelance sites as possible at first before you decide which one - or ones since two or three can be better than just one, particularly if they are free to use - gives you the most opportunities to do what you want to.

  • Straight to source

  • If you know what sort of place you would like to work for - whether a global corporation or local trust, for instance - then it is always worth contacting them directly. The vast majority of jobs out there are not advertised openly. So chances are that if you email and call enough of the sorts of places you would like to work for, at least one of them will happen to be looking for a grant writer. Additionally, clients often like this sort of go-getting attitude and will commend your fearlessness and ambition. If they do not reward you with a job (because sometimes there will, unfortunately, be no positions to fill), they may at least take down your contact details and remember you for the next time a job becomes available.

  • Google

  • Surprisingly enough, sometimes you will not find all the available jobs on freelance sites alone. Sometimes you will have to do a more general search on a search engine, such as Google. This search will pull up all the results for grant writing opportunities that are not listed on freelance sites or directly on individual companies’ websites, but that are listed elsewhere on other job-listing sites. So, it is well worth trying here, too!

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