How To Create A Great Resume For Freelance Writing Jobs

As a freelancer, you have probably worked for many different people and are constantly looking for new work. The best way to get new work is through your resume, just like the way other people get jobs working at companies outside the home. Because your resume will never fully show who you are as a person or as a writer, you have to build a profile of who you want to be for this particular job. Most freelances have a long list of jobs that might not all relate to each other, but even if your writing pieces are all over the place for topics and industries, here’s what you can do to make a great resume.

Branding strategies for freelance style resume writing

Keep your resume simple, and make it what prospective clients will expect. It might be fun or modern to use a creative or non-traditional style, but if you stick with formats that are already standard, you are more likely to get the job.

  1. Organize your jobs by timeline
  2. Start with your most recent work, and then the next recent below that, with a short list of your best pieces. This might be among other jobs that are not freelance work, depending on how new you are to writing for pay.

  3. Organize your jobs by skill and then by timeline
  4. Pick a few (3 or 4) skills that you are very good at, and have those as subheadings in your resume. After each one, list a few jobs that you did, in chronological order, that relate to the skill they are filed under.

Your pitch for new freelance jobs

It’s important to tell people what service you provide, because as a freelancer you are not just a writer, but a business. Often, clients will hire freelancers because they do not know how to do what you do, so they can have a vague idea of what they want. Even when your experience sounds awesome, you need to tell them exactly how you will help them.

Include that in your email or cover letter, and also at the top of the resume before the list of past work. And if you have side interests apart from freelancing, this is the place to share them. If you are a photographer in your spare time, a client will know that you will choose the right photo to go with their blog post or article for the right tone.

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