How To Get More Freelance Blog Writing Opportunities: Professional Tips

The freelance blog writing platform offers excellent opportunities to earn a decent return. However, these opportunities are only available to a few writers who understand the blog writing arena. Professionals have been studying the field for years and returned with the following verdict.


Blog writing presents very specific instructions on aspects such as language, use of key words, length of the articles, use of headlines and sub-headlines, among others. Content is strictly controlled with a unique style for each field. This is what defines quality work. It must be delivered in flawless language and according to the instructions given. Your client gains confidence in your ability. He will give you more work, refer you to other clients and give you the best rating on writing websites.

More Applications

Availability of work largely depends on the number of applications you make. It increases your exposure to more clients. To increase your chances, create a profile that showcases your writing skills. Request for referrals from your best clients and register your details on as many websites as possible. It is only by applying and bidding for the jobs that you can secure them. Creating an online presence also enables potential clients to get in-touch with you.


Clients require freelance writers who can deliver whenever they are required to do so. This means meeting deadlines and delivering work whenever promised. It means being available when the need arises. A client who knows that you will be available the next day for an urgent assignment will give you the work before looking for an alternative writer.

More skills

Clients require more skills than writing. Beyond being a freelance writer, you can edit, proofread and even lay the content out to become a full document. Make these skills known to your clients through your profile as well as by making suggestions to them. Such a client will give you priority since he knows that you will offer a more comprehensive package.

More clients

Diversify your search for clients instead of sticking to one website and client. When work is not available from one client or website, it will be available in another. This diversity exposes you to different styles and skills that will improve your earning potential as a freelance blog writer.

The best writers who provide updated skills and are reliable will find freelance blog writing to be exciting and well paying. They have a constant supply of well paying articles and can exploit this potential to succeed in online writing. It takes time and dedication to attain this level of skills.

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