Looking For Promising Freelance Writing And Editing Jobs: Tips For Beginners

So you want to start venturing into the freelance world, mainly ones of writing and editing. But, you’ve heard of the risks, you’ve also heard of the success. And you want to start. Clearly, you’re well aware of the risks, and you’re willing to take up the challenge. As you know, nothing ever comes easy.

But, you have no idea how to land a promising job! Competitions are everywhere, and they’re flooding the market! And worse of all, you’ve just started. - HELP!-

That’s right. It’s a very relatable feeling. So, quit worrying, we’ve prepared below a few tips to help you out!

  • Tip #1
  • Yeah, you’ve read tons of websites telling you how you can much you should be making as a freelancer, and that’s probably one of the reasons to what got you here the first place. But here’s a piece of advice. Don’t put your focus entirely on the golden lot. To be honest, there’s nothing wrong with earning $10, $20, $30 per hour, etc., start out small, start out modestly.

    The truth is, as a beginner; you can’t be expected to start earning $100/$150 job per hour. You need first to build experience, portfolio, and exposure and so on.

  • Tip #2
  • Like I mentioned above, build a solid portfolio. Figure out what you can write and/or edit. Customize a portfolio according to your skill sets. Compile them. If you’ve guest blogged, include that link. Show your potential clients. They NEED to know they are hiring people with experience. Because to them, newbies are sure to make mistakes during their first few times, and it’s not a risk that they’re willing to take. Besides that, a portfolio shows prospect clients that you are able to work with people, work with them, and cater to their requirements, preferences and needs. They need to have that reassurance. So make a portfolio.

  • Tip #3
  • Pitch. You need to come up with a great pitch. Make it simple, make it straight to the point, tell your clients about your background (if it applies to what they’re looking for), tell them your skill sets and how you work. In your pitch, remember to include links to your portfolio, your experiences (have your guest blogged, written for websites, etc.) and your availability. Let them know in simple words why you are the one they are looking for. And be firm!

  • Tip #4
  • The fact is, there are MANY freelance job listings all over the internet! Try looking at ProBlogger’s job listings. They post jobs there daily. And yes, as there are many jobs, there are many freelancers out there as well. That is why it’s important that you have persistence. You need to keep sending applications, great pitches, over and over to land a job. Nothing is easy these days; you really, really have to work hard when it comes to achieving something.

So fellas don’t give up. Keep building yourself and apply the tips above. Good luck freelancers!

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