Getting A Freelance Writer's Contract Sample Online: 5 Places To Check

In any career, it’s always a good idea to have a high quality legal contract to protect yourself, as well as your employer or clients. This holds true for freelance writing jobs, too. This article has some useful advice about five places to look for an example of a proper freelance writer’s contract on the Internet.

  • Freelancing community websites
  • There are so many wonderful freelancing communities on the Internet, so make good use of them. Have a look to see if anyone has posted any decent sample agreements that you can make download. Alternatively, post a request for examples on one of the forums, you’re sure to get a few helpful replies.

  • Content websites
  • Some of the larger content websites may have some excellent sample legal agreements you can make use of, so don’t forget to check them. Just be careful that you don’t end up with a contract that favours the interests of your clients or employer over your own. A good legal agreement will look to protect both parties’ rights equally.

  • Legal websites
  • There are quite a few useful legal websites on the Internet. Have a look at a few of these to see if they have any sample freelance writer’s agreements that you can use. You may have to pay for some of them, but they’re likely to be of a very high quality, and you really don’t want to skimp on protecting your rights in your career.

  • Freelancing blogs
  • Another place you can check for some decent samples of contracts is some of the fantastic freelancing blogs on the Internet. Luckily, there are quite a few of them, and they’re usually written by well-established freelancers who have lots of experience in the industry. So, any examples of legal agreements you find on these blogs are liable to be great quality.

  • A good search engine
  • Don’t forget to try using a decent search engine, too. Make sure you use one of the larger, commonly used search engines, and type in the correct search terms. This should help you find some outstanding sample freelance writer’s contracts that you can make use of.

With a bit of luck, the advice in this article will help you find a few excellent freelance writer’s contract samples on the Internet. Then you can go about creating your own great contract.

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