Where To Find Great Online Freelance Writing Jobs For Students

The loan you took out for college is building up, but it is difficult to keep a job while attending class. The bills keep piling up and it would it hurt to have little spare cash for socializing?

What you really need is a job that you can do where you want and when you want around all the course work. You have the skills available, anyone who got through high school has those, and those skills are your potential to make money. It may surprise you to learn that sort of work actually is available without even leaving the comfort of your laptop and your internet connection.

Working online gives you freedom and flexibility – everything you require in a job to give you that much needed boost to your finances. With the English courses you took in high school and any you are taking in college, you have the chance to be a freelance writer.

Why is this better than working IRL?

  • No one is going to ask what is your experience
  • If you are working from home then you will not have to pay for transport to your IRL job
  • No time wasted on travel
  • Work when and at a place you choose
  • There is work available for all skill levels, no training needed
  • No boss peering over your shoulder, no pressure

Where to look?

  • Write an ebook. It is easy to self-publish with the aid of the internet book retailers. You are not likely to make a million that way, but every download helps the finances.
  • Articles. There are millions of websites and ezines and they all need content. Check a few of them out and see if your individual style is a close match. Someone has to write the penny-a-word posts, so why not you?
  • Okay you are not so hot on grammar and spelling but can you write code? There are code writing assignments available for a freelancer.
  • Another choice for those who are not so hot with the technical side of grammar is online survey taking. Yes, people actually pay people to take surveys.
  • Have you considered data entry as a possible choice of work? All you need is the ability to write about 30 words a minute.
  • Back to the technical craft of writing side. How about you try bidding for projects listed on one of the crowdsourcing marketplace websites.

There many possibilities to acquire a good income from the comfort of your sitting room if you take a little time to search.

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