How To Get Profitable Freelance Writing Jobs: A Quick Guide

Shopping for freelance writing jobs can consume a significant amount of time. If you have been searching for jobs that pay well, you could be looking for a long time. While the good paying jobs really do exist, they are few and far between. Pair that with the fact that every freelancer is looking for them makes the competition to win an even greater challenge. Here are some tips to get the writing jobs with the most profit:

  • Search by pay: When you are looking for jobs, narrow down the search. Many of the larger freelancing sites will let you look for jobs based on what they pay. It is best to remove the jobs that do not have a suggested budget, because those are usually low paying jobs. Instead of having hundreds to look through, you might only have 20 or 30.
  • Build a strong reputation: In order to win the jobs, you need to have some experience. Your reputation on a freelancing website is the key to success. Many clients only want to hire writers who have had successful jobs with other clients. You might even have to start with a few low-paying jobs to get your reputation started. Eventually, with a strong reputation, the high paying jobs will come to your in-box!
  • Learn to write a proposal: Once you find a job that you want, you will need to fill out a proposal. This is your application for the job. Therefore, it is important that you sell yourself and your skills. The client will look at your profile on the freelancing website, so you should be sure that everything is spelled correctly and is free of grammar errors. You should put your best examples on your profile, so clients can see what you are capable of writing. When you write your proposal, put elements of the job offering in it so the client can see that you actually read their job posting.
  • Follow up: If you have worked with clients that paid well, there is nothing wrong with following up with them to see if they have more work for you. Clients prefer to work with freelancers they know, especially if the freelancer can write well and meet deadlines. After working with a client on a few projects, you can ask for a small raise if you have never received one.

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